Streamate’s Lara_Logan: Would you?

Streamate’s Lara Logan

Do you like sexy young things with tattoos? Lara Logan really does it for me!

Streamate’s Lara_Logan is just awesome webcam girl not to be confused with CBS’s Lara Logan (who is also kind of hot in her own way), but if you watch the video below you will see the WebCam model that I am referencing.

Yeah, so we’ve cleared it up that we are not talking about that news anchor right? We are talking about the sexy tattooed goddess of the WebCam Lara_Logan (who recently ranked and our top 10 WebCam models online) and all of her awesomeness here to please her fans and meet with them and show them what it is really like inside the life of one of Streamate’s biggest WebCam models.

lara logan
How hot is where a Logan?

As you all know, we are not here to prognosticate upon which girls are cam girls in which girls are news anchors that is in our job, we just ask one question and let you vote on it: Would You Hit It? The

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The And 10 Hottest GFS of 2014, so far!!

Hi All,

Recently, the site has come under fire for some of the language it uses in some of the posts on the ladies.  We would like to publicly apologize, and say we will never do it again. First, let me be out front in saying, that I would gladly wife up with any d ay of the week with any of them. The fact  almost every girl on the site has a video of them saying they are is pretty good is  evidence.

To make up for some of our past indiscretions, we will just leave you with a nice gallery of all of the hottest GFs of 2014. Every hot teen GF pictured here is available real and alive… you can contact these people they aren’t fake profiles!

Check this out, almost every girl on the site has a video profile with her saying that she’s a member of the site –  users testimonial, I could actually log in to and was successfully able to correspond with them, I even got into a few little situations which for legal reasons I won’t talk about on here just in case one of these girls had a fake ID.

With no further adieu,  let’s bring on the gallery of 2014’s hottest GFS, as rated by….hm, well…us…

Now do your civic duty, — tell us how much you would rock that booty, by coming out and rocking the vote... would you hit it?

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Streamate Webcam Girl Lara Logon

You may not believe this but some of the hottest GFS on the Internet are cam girls.  You can check out Streamate Webcam Girl Lara Logan in one of her frequent online shows, but I think I like it better when I see her on

Believe it or not there is an even better place on the net we can meet your favorite camgirl and it is absolutely free. There is a bevy of hot younger babes just sitting there waiting you. I know you read this 1 million times before but I cannot get over quantity and quality of hot young things you’ll find over at GFMate.

lara_logan2They all may seem innocent on the surface but beneath innocent teen exterior, these girls are sexual beasts and they cannot wait to find some guy that really going to show them the way around the world the way around the bedroom.

But once again I am not here to prognosticate, upon what would be your best choice to achieve marital bliss.

It is just a simple voting thing and every time I post I asked the same question…

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Most Sexy GFS On The Internet

Want to meet all of the most sexy GFS on the web? Well you absolutely should. If you are paying his girls that are 18 to 22 years old and are single and are just looking for a good time can do better than this.

All of these girls hang out exclusively at GFMATE.COM… so whether you like sexy stoner girls were just on role play video games with you on WebCam they have the best variety here and the best thing about it is they all are real and they all will share some very special pictures and videos with you that you cannot find on Facebook or twitter because they are the adult nature.

Usually we only give your 2-3 got sexy GFs to pics from, so now I have to find out how much of a stud you are or you think you are…ok, there a total of 9 sexy teens GFS just waiting to see if they would get with you….

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You already know what I’m about to ask…

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Jade Hohlt is one sexy tattoo babe!

Jade Hohlt is one sexy tattoo babe!

I have a confession to make I’m extremely attractive to bathe with tattoos and I’ll have to say that Jade Hohlt is one of the hottest alternative girls I’ve seen in a while not only does she have some great tattoo work, she has plain just  natural beauty that will leave you want her to be your next girlfriend.

Want to know how I found this mega hot tattooed babe? Where else? My favorite new site GFMate!

Here are a few more pictures from her profile on GFMate which can be found here:

to me this girl is Ms. ink material and she could easily smoke some of the other contestants… is even better is she is just an easy going girl looking for guys to have a good time with on my new favorite site GFMATE! Almost every one of these girls are between the age of 18-20 and they are all just looking to have fun.

However I am not here to prognosticate upon what is my favorite website in the world because I’ve already made that abundantly clear, it’s down to one simple question… yes, I know it’s becoming a bit predictable but I have to do it….Jade Hohlt….

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Giant Mexican Natural Boobs with Jenny Pollino…Would You Hit It?

When we are talking about giant natural tits you can’t do much better than Jenny Pollino if you are trying to walk the line of Kim Kardashian. At a mere 4 feet and 11 inches tall and weighing in at about 110 pounds most of which is boobs… you would be a lucky guy if he managed to get a hold of this girl is a mix of Ebony, Latina, and a bunch of other races to bring up the flame!

She’s bisexual, a WebCam model for Streamate, and she just broke up with her Latina girlfriend and is out trawling for dick. I met girls like her and Casandra_Cariolo just trawling around this site myself with a free membership. They also make it really easy to keep tabs with these potential GFS by offering a web application for both the android mobile phone and the Apple iPhone, so if you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your favorite camgirl outside the confines of a ridiculous league overpriced place like Streamate, GFMate is a great way to go about stalking your favorite webcam mega hottie!

Here is a quick video to remind you that you are not dealing with some over the hill slut with a fake profile, as you can see she is the real deal…

As we say on every one of these blog posts it is not whether doing live sex shows with WebCam girls is too expensive or not. We do not dive into politics or any other kind of heady subject matter. If webcam sex with some anonymous young female is your thing, we are not here to judge you on that in any way shape or form we only have one simple question to ask and it is the same question that we asked every single time we post one of these blogs… the question of the hour just is is: Would you hit it?

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Violette Villarte

How can you not be completely in love with this Filipino cam girl sensation Violette Villarte? Not only is she a bad ass little spinner, she’s into karate, working on our own cars, and knows how to party…. oh yeah and even better than that… she’s 19 and an old soul and not some washed up Mil or cougar like you’d see so many other places. Check her out on video…

Violette Villarte is a member of an exclusive group of girls that really knows how to party over on Not only that she’s also a hard-core Star Wars geek as can be proven by this picture of her Bobo Fett:


Hot Filipina cam girls that are pretty much down on their five but I can assure you find them my the dozens just by taking a free trial of our site… but again, that has never been the purpose of this site even though you’d have to be pretty much okay to not want to join community of young girls that are just out looking for good time… so its get down to brass tacks about Violette Villarte…. as we’ve in many weeks in the past and will continue to do…. would you hi it?

Reagan Renmore Videos

There is no question that Reagan Renmore is one of the hottest girls on streamate… you should check out some of her free videos she has over on If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with any of these kinds of cam girls, you are seriously going to have your best odds trying to hook up with them at GFMate. I have to say those guys have a bevy of hot teen beauties that are barely out of high school and I ain’t mad at them!

This spicy hot Latina just told you where she likes to hang out so I can understand why you guys are even wasting your time not joining her, you should really spend the dollar and check out all of the high quality young women that are just out there looking for young guys were older guys to hook up with and maybe exchange some a little bit more than nasty photos with. The great thing is they are not all cam girls on stream a these are real 20 year old girls that are just bored and have nothing to do and they’re coming in from all over the country!

regan_renmore_1It has never been our agenda to ask you what you thought of some really hot cam girl like this one at Teen Models Live… you know what we were about to ask and it has almost become predictable at this point, but I’m going to do it anyways…

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Meet the girls of GFMate!

Meet the girls of GFMate! That is why we made this awesome promo video so you guys can see the wide range of real girls we have that you can come out yourself at!

As you can see all of these girls are real and are not just bull shit fake dating profiles, they are young board and just looking for a good time all around the United States with a guy like you. This is not your typical dating site, is packed with real 18 to 20-year-old women that are in their prime… I’m not talking about some lame melts or cougars… I am talking about USDA choice teen hotties like this one…

Scarlette has always floated my boat… see how many of her other hot friends you can find… I think you’ll be surprised how awesome is