ArtsyScarlett Cam BBW Review

I’m not sure if she falls classically under the BBW niche but she definitely could do with the little bit of jogging and she is British.

But I will have to save she has an amazing amount of sexuality and even exclaims it every night is a gangbang

That seems fine with me just as long as there’s no other guys around because I like to be the only penis in my fantasy

While ArtsyScarlett it is far from being the next James Bond girls she does possess a certain amount of sex appeal and when I’m talking about sex appeal I’m talking about it was the tits


She might be little little bit of cross eyed and maybe I’m just being a little bit hypercritical on this babe. She does have an awesome attitude which is lost on many other girls so I am leaving it down to a vote like I always do

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13 thoughts on “ArtsyScarlett Cam BBW Review”

  1. In what universe is this bitch squint eyed? I mean you are grasping at straws here mate!? Remember your trying to sell these girls for your white label so maybe no bagging them out would be a great start!?

    PS. James bond….how fucking old are you!?

    Artsyscarlett FTW shake that “plump” ass girl and rock those “squinty” ass eyes!!!! Whoooop….

    PPS. You are a dick and guy would fuck any hole they are given! Let’s be honest bro!!!

  2. I’d wife her, and then let you fuck her while I watch and then fuck her too! A girl like that can’t just have one man worshipping that face & body! Not one single person voted put a bag on her head! LOL Different strokes for different folks I completely agree, but no one could deny she has a beautiful face.

  3. Written by a keyboard warrior with low self esteem!
    I don’t know this girl but if shes squint eyed I must be squint eyed! Shes got a beautiful face & beautiful skin & shes curvy and natural! What more could you want? any man would be lucky to come home to her moaning in the next room while on cam!

  4. bag or bang?
    Id bang her!!! pick me pick me!
    Honestly this gurl is crazy I have never seen someone deepthroat like her fuck me. I swear I wish I knew where she lived so I could marry her. Not that she’d have me, but I’d give my left nut just to see her in real life. her eyes. god damn.

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