Violette Villarte

How can you not be completely in love with this Filipino cam girl sensation Violette Villarte? Not only is she a bad ass little spinner, she's into karate, working on our own cars, and knows how to party…. oh yeah and even better than that… she's 19 and an old soul and not some washed up Mil or cougar like you'd see so many other places. Check her out on video…

Violette Villarte is a member of an exclusive group of girls that really knows how to party over on Not only that she's also a hard-core Star Wars geek as can be proven by this picture of her Bobo Fett:


Hot Filipina cam girls that are pretty much down on their five but I can assure you find them my the dozens just by taking a free trial of our site… but again, that has never been the purpose of this site even though you'd have to be pretty much okay to not want to join community of young girls that are just out looking for good time… so its get down to brass tacks about Violette Villarte…. as we've in many weeks in the past and will continue to do…. would you hi it?

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  1. Hi I’m violet Villarte and I want this removed ASAP . I did not allow this not do I find it right that I am on here removed this ASAP or I will have to take action

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