Taylor_Tillman: EMO and Goth GF

Taylor_Tillman: EMO and Goth GF –  Would You Hit It?

Taylor_Tillman most fdefinitely falls under the categories of Being EMO and Goth GF. She has a few too many tattoos for my case but has a very cute face in a soft supple body.

Taylor_Tillman WebCam
Taylor_Tillman on WebCam for one of her Mideast does she does every week for Streamate

I can definitely see more more girls going for this look these days, all of the tattoos with the piercings and colored hair…it seems to be where the youth culture is headed. It's a fact: That a lot of mainstream Hollywood big shots and producers won't hire a girl if she has too many tattoos, piercings, weird colored hair but I think the times are changing and she is going to be the archetype of the hot nude teen GF.

Taylor_Tillman Streamate
It's Taylor_Tillman doing a WebCam show on Streamate


, but once again it comes down to that time what is not time to decide if you have the same taste in women is Hugh Hefner has… it comes down to a simple question Taylor_Tillman: would you hit it?


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