So Far…Streamate’s Melissa Vail Gets Hottest GF

It Should Come As No Surprise: Streamate's Melissa Vail Gets Hottest GF!!

The main reason we keep doing this blog day after day, week in and week out is by using the power of democracy to determine who the hottest WebCam girl is to make a potential GF for yourself. We've been crunching the numbers and so far Melissa_Vail is crushing the competition.

 Melissa_vail WebCam
Melissa_vail WebCam a marvelous place to be any time of the day

This Vegas native trust it am only other girls when she made her debut on Would You Hit It just a little over a month ago.
So far that the guys are wanting to see more,  so more is exactly what we're going to give you. As you can see she switchers hairstyle to red as you can see in this picture from 2014 of Melissa_Vail.

melissa_vail 2014
melissa_vail 2014 in a recent picture with her brand-new red hair

As an added bonus if you are really into stalking cam girls for really knowing what's going on in their in their lives, you can find her profile on

Rather than bore you with politics of the ongoing midterm elections we will let you do a little bit of voting of your own which is sure to be a lot more fun, because it's a lot more fun voting on hot chicks that it is voting on foreign-policy and here is the poll to prove it…

So it's time to ask right now Melissa_Vial: Would you hit it?

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