Amazing Russian Tattooed Lesbians Nikki_and_Alina

These two babes are always on at the same time but when they are you can find them by visiting this link..

They speak precious little English but the words they do know how to say early important ones like “fuck” and “suck” all movies to Russians with an incredibly nice boobs and very American looking tattoos complain about guys not sipping them enough I have little doubt that they're lesbian façade is just something we do to get more money on camera and they really like to take a good hard cock.

See them here:

Yes, I know there are two of them and that is what is going to make today's poll so interesting because not do you just get decide whether you're going to have sex —  it might even be your first threesome… So let me ask you punk… Would you hit it?

Nikki_and_Alina would you hit it?



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