Jade Hohlt is one sexy tattoo babe!

Jade Hohlt is one sexy tattoo babe!

I have a confession to make I'm extremely attractive to bathe with tattoos and I'll have to say that Jade Hohlt is one of the hottest alternative girls I've seen in a while not only does she have some great tattoo work, she has plain just  natural beauty that will leave you want her to be your next girlfriend.

Want to know how I found this mega hot tattooed babe? Where else? My favorite new site GFMate!

Here are a few more pictures from her profile on GFMate which can be found here:

to me this girl is Ms. ink material and she could easily smoke some of the other contestants… is even better is she is just an easy going girl looking for guys to have a good time with on my new favorite site GFMATE! Almost every one of these girls are between the age of 18-20 and they are all just looking to have fun.

However I am not here to prognosticate upon what is my favorite website in the world because I've already made that abundantly clear, it's down to one simple question… yes, I know it's becoming a bit predictable but I have to do it….Jade Hohlt….


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